Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've got the magic....

The week after the big proposal my roomie Trisha made plans to go to a B.o.B/Jason DeRulo concert at UVU. She said it could be our girls night engagement celebration of sorts. Luckily there were still tickets available the day of! It was so fun and surprisingly, they both were actually pretty good live.

On my long drives to work I sometimes resort to listening to the radio to keep me entertained (or awake...). Most of their songs are ones I've heard over and over this summer and fall. :)

Trish and Badash


Ash showin off some MDT moves and Lisa the creeper!

Ash and me

These girls keep me young :)

Here was my favorite from the night...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're engaged!

This is quite possibly the most exciting post I've ever written. Justin and I are engaged! He proposed last weekend in Park City and I said yes! Crazy right?

Here's the story.....

Justin told me we were going to visit his roommate
who was staying at his family's cabin in Park City.
He handed me directions that said the cabin was on "Memory Lane".
Following the directions, we turned onto a street that overlooks Park City
and just happened to have a temporary sign, "Memory Lane" posted on it.
At that point I kinda suspected something. :)

Here are some pictures of the view of Park City...

and "Memory Lane"

At the end of the cul-de-sac, Justin had set up a projector
to watch a video of all our dating memories
and pictures from the last five years or so.
Then he told me there was something across the ridge he wanted me to see.
Down in the valley I saw an area lit up with Christmas lights.

I later found out Justin and Ashley had had a busy and cold afternoon getting this contraption ready. A couple hundred feet of Christmas lights, some bamboo sticks, and a few rolls of aluminum foil later...

I turned back and Justin was on one knee. He popped the question and I said yes!

We are such zoobies in our Cougar blue!

We celebrated afterwards with dinner down on Main Street in Park City and then headed home for a photo shoot courtesy of Mom and sparkling cider!

I love that now we both have new accessories on matching fingers.
Hopefully, though, he gets to take his off soon.
Here are the fruits of the photo shoot! Justin was a good sport.

More pictures Mom took...

Naturally, we used the reindeer glasses for our celebration with the family.

Ash was Justin's accomplice the whole day setting everything up.
We owe her big time!

It feels crazy to be engaged after dating for so long. Marrying Justin was always in the back of my mind but now I just feel like I'm letting everyone in on the secret. Plus I have a pretty, shiny something on a finger! If you had told seventeen year-old Allie, drooling at "math boy" in AP calculus that I was going to marry him, I would have died of happiness. He was my dream boy then and he's still my biggest crush!

Tonight I'm celebrating with my girls... Jason DeRulo and B.O.B. concert at UVU!

PS Thanks to Mom for letting me steal her blog post :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Football and the moonlit ride

So the cougs' record may not be too impressive this season but I'm no fair-weathered fan. The games have still been fun even though they are having a rough time. I'm glad the Washington game was at home so we could see them win! Here's some pics from that game and the not-so-lovely Nevada game.

We look like such zoobies in this one! But check out my sweet alumni t-shirt...

In other football news, Justin started playing on an intramural flag football team with some friends! Being the good gf that I am, I showed up with fruit snacks and animal crackers for the whole team. After a few plays, Justin comes over to the sidelines and says "I think something's wrong with my finger". Being a good nurse, I quickly assessed the inflamed, distorted finger. A trip to the local instacare and an xray later we find out he broke the tip of this left ring finger. Amazing how he played six years of tackle and never broke a bone but ten minutes of intramurals did him in. I guess his intramural football career just wasn't meant to be. So now Justin is sporting a lovely new accessory- a fatty finger splint. Luckily this poor boy had a sweet nurse to administer ibuprofen and change his splint every few days!
I don't think I have any pictures of the splint but don't worry I'm sure it'll make appearances in future photos. It's hard to miss!

Totally unrelated but the other night we went with Trisha and Brent to do the moonlit ride at Sundance! Ty and Sonya did this for their first date and Trish and I have been itching to go for a while. It was soooooo cold. Seriously. so. cold. There was a long line and I was really wondering if it was worth it. Don't worry, it was. It was strange to be riding a lift with no snow but pretty in the mountains with the full moon. Made me excited for ski season... and wearing my warm ski gear.