Thursday, February 24, 2011

My v-day miracle

My Valentine's Day was lovely for some unconventional reasons this year! (and some conventional ones as well)

I worked the night before, drove home V-day morning in a daze, and then crawled into bed. I of course grabbed my computer to check my email before falling to sleep. I hardly ever get any emails anymore but I still check it regularly and refresh the screen thinking surely someone has something exciting to tell me via email.

Well, that morning I actually did get something exciting-- an acceptance letter to
BYU's Family Nurse Practitioner program!

(This is just a random pic from nursing school but I'm in nursing get-up and I'm excited)

This has been a dream of mine for a LONG time. I couldn't believe it.

After all the grade stress, GRE studying, letters of rec, and interviews it was such a relief to read that letter. A big shout out to all the fam/friends who went through piles of flashcards with me during nursing school, proofread my statement of intent and other papers, gave me tons of pep talks, etc. It's been a long road, but I feel super blessed. I did not at all expect to get in.

So I start school at the end of April. I can't wait to be a true BYU Cougar again. I'm wondering if I'll get a sweet grad student parking pass?? I also can't wait to be on campus all the time with Justin, Bash, and maybe even lil Brookie come fall! Justin and I will graduate at the same time so it's pretty perfect. I already registered for my spring term classes. Never thought I'd be that pumped about getting on Route Y.

That was my v-day miracle. It was lovely. The rest of the day was great too- sleeping for hours, chocolate covered strawberries and sugar cookies from Justin (I am my mother's daughter), dinner with our fav third wheel, and then a night shift spent making Toy Story valentine's for my cute patients! A lovely day indeed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This cougar keeps getting older...

About a month ago I turned 23! I feel kinda old because it's getting to mid-twenties. I remember the day I realized that I would ALWAYS be older than Justin. For some reason I thought he'd catch up at some point but turns out it just doesn't work that way. It'll be unfortunate when I turn like forty and he's a mere thirty-eight. At least I have a few more years to accept it. Drawbacks to being a cougar I guess...

Enough of the age talk. My birthday was lovely. Not one but two yummy breakfasts (thanks to Ash/Justin and Trish), a sunny ski day, and Cheesecake Factory. I'll post ski pics later but here are some from Cheesecake.

My good-lookin' date
In my birthday best
Mmm... cheesecake.

Trish and I also had a combined birthday get-together of sorts for the fourth year in a row. Previous years the get-togethers have been a bit more happenin' but this year was just as fun. Trish had the idea to get desserts with all the besties at a cute shop in Orem called "Chocolate".
Justin and I (mostly Justin) had fun playing with our new camera. Too many pics but oh well.

Thanks friends for making my day!