Sunday, April 15, 2012

Breaking the budget

For the last few months I have been agonizing over a few different decisions for this summer. Basically, Justin and I both had some amazing opportunities to travel but the die-hard cheapskate side of me wasn't sure how it would fit into our budget... If I'm clipping coupons for 20 cents off of a can of beans how can I justify traveling across the world?! 

Well, I finally decided to live a little :) and later we both found out we got some amazing grants and scholarships. We feel super blessed-- first, to get to travel and second, to have a good part of it paid for.

Good news is the blog should get much more exciting! I'm always better at blogging when I'm abroad. So here are the details... 

1) I am going to Ecuador with the BYU undergraduate nursing students as a "mentor" of sorts. :) It is the same study abroad I went on as an undergraduate so I'm super excited. I just need to practice my español because I'm a little really rusty. I'll be supervising the students in the maternity hospital, Sotomayor (aka the "Baby Factory", which I wrote about here and here), and the NICU area of the pediatric hospital. 

2) Justin and I are going to Mozambique with a non-profit called Care for Life. Justin will be there for a month and I'll join him for the last two weeks. We are SO excited. We will be working with their health director teaching a new health and hygiene booklet they have made. I'll post more about them later, but they are an awesome organization.
We will be working in some villages near Beira (kinda in the middle of the coastline).

Here's a little video about Care for Life. We are so excited to work with them.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

My Easter miracle this year was getting to be on-call! I was scheduled to work but luckily (for me and the patients) we sent almost everyone home Saturday. Sleeping in, going to church, and spending time with family was even more wonderful on Easter because I was expecting it. 

Here are pics from Easter dinner at Justin's mom's house. It was so fun to celebrate and eat a yummy Easter dinner. We jumped on the tramp, did an Easter egg hunt (Justin had the duty of hiding the eggs), and blew colored bubbles. 

Easter egg hunt fail: I grabbed a large candle off of the piano (thinking it was a bowl and there was possibly an egg inside) and poured hot wax all over myself and the piano. Luckily, I wasn't burned and Jana didn't mind scraping wax off of her furniture. I'm really smooth, right?

I am so grateful for my Savior this Easter Sunday. I know He lives. I'm so jealous Ashley is here right now: 

P.S. Second Easter miracle: me blogging something same-day! Aren't you proud?