Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jo's Bro's Distraction

So the other night I was hanging out with a cutie little girl at work. We were making play dough out of flour/water, coloring, eating chicken nuggets (her, not me). It was a lovely night at the hospital.

Then, my sweet patient turns and asks me if she can watch the "rudolph" movie. I knew exactly what she was talking about- the classic claymation Christmas one. So I grab it out of our VHS library and am about to start messing with the VCR when I hear this come on....

I hadn't even noticed what the TV was turned to; I was focused on my patient with her sticky play dough hands and cute turkey hat she had made at the playroom. So I kinda hesitate there wondering how long I can leave it on this sweet serenade before my little friend notices....... It wasn't very long.

I could tell she was going to get irritated if I didn't get Rudolph on that screen quick. Don't get me wrong- I love that festive claymation creation. I just also love me some Jo's Bro's.

I settled her in her bed with her movie and walked out to find a housekeeping lady in the room next door watching the same thing. I guess I wasn't the only fan...

Luckily, I found the diddy on youtube. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I was so distracted. It's so dumb- the cheesy lyrics, silly girl smiling like an idiot and nodding her head, etc. But I couldn't help it.

For the record, I've never actually seen Camp Rock. (but now I'm thinking maybe I should?) You might remember when we got to see them live....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cutie Roomies

So these pics were taken a few weeks ago but I thought I'd show off my roommates! These were taken the first Sunday I was able to go to my ward (which was two months after moving in... such is the life of a nurse).

This year Bree left us for a change of scenery but she's still a roomie in our hearts. We made her get in the pics too. Aubrey was one of Katie's friends from AZ and we loved her from day one! I feel super blessed to live with these lovely ladies.

Bree, Trish, me, Aubrey, Katie

In other news, I'm starting wedding plans! Advantage of a forever-long engagement is that I didn't really have to start planning until a month after we got engaged. Current issues are figuring out how to get my dream dress without spending obscene amounts of money and picking colors. I know after reading a library of wedding magazines over the last few years (thanks mom! and yes I said years...) I should already have some things figured out but I don't. Also I'll have more on Halloween later... oops.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nurse Dorothy

So I'll post more on Halloween later but here's a little about my Halloween at work with the kids! I scheduled myself to work on Saturday so I could experience the Halloween festivities at Primary. My coworkers told me everyone dressed up for work that day and the kids sometimes wore their costumes too. So I hurried and asked my mom to mail me a costume. Pretty sure my 2nd grade Dorothy costume made by my dear Grandma Olson still fits! Before you get too amazed by that I guess I should say "fits" is a loose term. If I want to inhale any oxygen while in costume the waist zipper has to stop about halfway up. I threw on a long white shirt to maintain modesty and I was set.

I got up extra early to braid my hair, tie a ribbon on Toto, etc. By the time I got up to Primary I was pumped. However, my excitement dissipated pretty quickly when I started walking in. Everywhere I looked there were older nurses dressed in plain, old scrubs! They smiled at me like "Aw that's sweet a little naive nurse in her silly holiday get-up." I remembered my scrubs I had thrown in the back of the car and came pretty close to throwing in the towel. Luckily, I decided just to sprint-walk to my unit to see if anyone else had any Halloween spirit or if I would feel like a fool all day.

I showed up and found almost all the nurses and techs dressed up! At lease one new nurse embarrassing moment was avoided. Here I am with allmy festive pals.
I think my patients' parents were more excited about my costume than my patients. Granted I had three little boys... I don't think they knew or cared why the heck I was in a blue plaid dress caring around a stuffed animal dog in a basket. However, when I bribed the "Batman" nurse to visit them I got a few points. I've never seen a little boys eyes light up like one little one did when he saw those pointy ears and ripped foam chest. Maybe Wonder Woman next year??

ps just a little shout out to my Grandma Olson. She's the one who made the cute dress (and all my other cute costumes from back in the day) and also the one I received the middle name "Joyce" from. She's one of the most wonderful people I've ever met and I love her so much! Here's a picture her, my mom, and me a few years ago. Isn't she cute?