Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy day

This title refers to both our wedding day and the day we received our pictures. Since the whole day was pretty much a blur, we couldn't wait to see the pretty day in photos. Nicole Hill was our photographer. I think you'll agree she's magic. 

Here are some of our favorites...

And hands-down best pic of the day.... 

Oh hey, Mom! :)

We're all in this together

Since this was our first Halloween as marrieds, we decided to have a party and live it up! 

This party was happenin. We ate a homemade apple pie, took pics of costumes, and watched wholesome Vocal Point on "The Sing-Off". Crazy, right? 

The goods.. with party guests drooling in the background.

Brown-bag apple pie! Aren't you proud Mom? I didn't even mess up the edges of the crust.

Brent and Trish! I love the fish. 


Even Marissa (Justin's little sister) took a break from trick-or-treating to stop by the party! That's saying something.

I vote Clint and Bree best costume. Ski boat and water skier! Impeccable attention to detail down to the ski rope. Good work.

I was given free reign on our costumes. So naturally, I decided we should be Troy and Gabriella from HSM. Easy decision. Inspiration? This clip. Go to about 2:30 to see Gabriella at her finest. 

I made Justin's jersey all by myself! Jersey from D.I., some felt from Michael's and bam Troy Bolton. 

Cute, right? The Troy part started slanting a little bit but I guess I'm still perfecting the art of iron-on letters. 

Thanks friends for coming to the party! 

It's great to be a grizzly

So Ash, Morgan Anderson, and I have been trying to plan a GB reunion literally since Bash moved to Provo! Well, she finally made it happen. It was so fun to see pals from high school and catch up. 

Also, I just love GBHS. Hence, the fabulous cookies I made below. How cute are those? I made them using these sweet William Sonoma cookie cutters my mom gave me. Cool huh? They're shortbread-ish cookies that taste like pure butter/sugar. Mmmmmm.....

Here are the pics!