Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Little Announcement...

Oh hey! Sorry for the blog hiatus. I think that was my longest blog-break ever. Oops. 

Well, I have returned with some news! (And hopefully return for good as in not taking 6+ month hiatuses) 

We made this cute vid to make a little announcement: 

This decision did not come easily! Actually, it was the most difficult decision Justin or I have ever had to make. 

As some of you may know, he had already been accepted to Cornell in March and we were set to move to NYC. We had seen the housing, walked around our new neighborhood, and lined up job interviews for me. 

Then, on May 17th we were at home in Granite Bay getting ready to go out on the boat with my parents when Justin received a phone call that would turn our world upside down. The admissions director at UPenn in Philadelphia let him know she had an opening and he would be accepted off the wait list. We were both in shock. 

The next 48-72 hours were just bursting with mixed emotions. I have a lot of emotions in general... We got back home to Provo and started our researching, pros/cons lists, and long heart-to-heart discussions. We were both torn for many reasons. A main reason is this incredibly adorable baby girl and her parents in NYC. 

Even now our hearts hurt thinking of closing the door to the option of Cornell and NYC and seeing that sweet face on a daily basis. However, after a lot of tears (mostly Justin's... duh) and a lot of prayers, we had a strong impression that we should move to Philly and Justin should attend UPenn. Since then, we have felt so much peace. I am grateful for a God that is aware of us and for His guidance. Without His loving answer to our prayers I think we would still be staring at our pros/cons list. 

We also feel so lucky to have had two amazing options to choose from! This past year of the medical school application process has been quite the ride. However, I couldn't be more proud of Justin and the years of work he put into applying. I still can't believe he has been admitted to one of his dream schools. Although we still have a long road ahead, I know I will enjoy it with Justin by my side. 

So now we are in it 100% to experience all Philly has to offer for the next 4 years! We will be cheesesteaking and liberty-belling it up! And, hopefully I will be documenting these activities to share with you. 

We're following our hearts to the "city of brotherly love"!