Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanksgiving in NYC

We had an amazing Thanksgiving meeting up with the whole Holt fam in NYC! Our days revolved around food and sight seeing.... but mostly food. Photo dump: 

We're such tourists we take pics on the subway

Live with Kelly and Jerry!

Dessert at Max Brenner's mmm...



Christmas Spectacular live nativity. The camels were much better behaved than the ones I met in Egypt.

Our waitress serenaded Justin at the Stardust Cafe and he loved it. 

All the girls love them some bieber 

So glad we both have bieber fever

Sorry Brett, but Justin was voted best bro-in-law for the day

9/11 Memorial

Radio City Music Hall

This is why I love them.

Wicked with Sonya and Ty

Macy's parade balloons

Justin's first time at Times Square (photo cred Kimber Crandall. So perfect with the NYC taxi behind)

Thanksgiving dinner

and the post-Thanksgiving photo shoot

Ellis Island

View from the ferry. The building to the left with the crane on top is the new Freedom Tower

Top of the rock

The boys love black Friday!

Brooke's hotdog=photo op

Central Park

For any nursing friends, look who I ran into on the street in NYC--Jane Leavy! 

Dinner in Little Italy

And we got to celebrate Brave Brett's birthday.... at every restaurant! I think he got sang to like six times that week but he was a good sport.
More pics on the subway :)

Brooklyn Bridge

It was so fun to see the whole fam and to show Justin around NYC. Thanks Kimber and Mom for planning such a fun week! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy day

This title refers to both our wedding day and the day we received our pictures. Since the whole day was pretty much a blur, we couldn't wait to see the pretty day in photos. Nicole Hill was our photographer. I think you'll agree she's magic. 

Here are some of our favorites...

And hands-down best pic of the day.... 

Oh hey, Mom! :)

We're all in this together

Since this was our first Halloween as marrieds, we decided to have a party and live it up! 

This party was happenin. We ate a homemade apple pie, took pics of costumes, and watched wholesome Vocal Point on "The Sing-Off". Crazy, right? 

The goods.. with party guests drooling in the background.

Brown-bag apple pie! Aren't you proud Mom? I didn't even mess up the edges of the crust.

Brent and Trish! I love the fish. 


Even Marissa (Justin's little sister) took a break from trick-or-treating to stop by the party! That's saying something.

I vote Clint and Bree best costume. Ski boat and water skier! Impeccable attention to detail down to the ski rope. Good work.

I was given free reign on our costumes. So naturally, I decided we should be Troy and Gabriella from HSM. Easy decision. Inspiration? This clip. Go to about 2:30 to see Gabriella at her finest. 

I made Justin's jersey all by myself! Jersey from D.I., some felt from Michael's and bam Troy Bolton. 

Cute, right? The Troy part started slanting a little bit but I guess I'm still perfecting the art of iron-on letters. 

Thanks friends for coming to the party!