Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall leaves

It has suddenly hit me that this is our last year in Utah. I have been so excited about both of us being done and Justing going off to med school that I haven't really thought about how much I love it here. I will really miss the fall colors. Although Kimber is convincing me the colors back East are great too... 

Our first Alpine Loop drive was during our first year together at BYU. We drove it in a pretty snow storm during General Conference and listened to the speakers on the radio. I didn't think we would make it up there this fall with our schedules but a few weeks ago Justin made sure it happened. 

I'm so glad he did because it was beautiful. 

I usually don't like horses (traumatic experience at a Dude Ranch) but this is so pretty.

This pic is for Dad! Just as we were finishing our drive and coming down the canyon, a deer jumped out right in front of our car. I tried to grab my camera but was too slow. Then, a second one ran across and I missed that one, too. Just a second later a third deer jumped out and that time I caught it. Super blurry but I was just proud to get the picture! 
Who knows what setting it was in-- I just turned it on and snapped it.

Unfortunately there were no pals around to take our picture, so we just took them of each other. :) 

Isn't my husband dang cute? I've been thinking that for quite some time but this pic really captured it. I told him he should prof pic it for sure.

Hopefully no one is getting tired of our throwbacks... this is us on that snowy Alpine Loop drive 5 years ago! 

Just today I drove the Loop again with Ash and my Grandpa Olson! The leaves are falling now but it was still beautiful! Also we saw a MOOSE! So exciting. I'll have to post those pics soon. 

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Jenner said...

so pretty! i was hoping that I would see Justin coming to NC for an interview at Wake Forest. :(
excited to see where you end up anyway!