Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gooo Spikers!

Marissa, Justin's little sister, is playing volleyball this year and she gets to be coached by her mom, Jana! A few weekends ago we went over to cheer on the Spikers! 

Each team won a match so it came down to the third and final tie-breaker. It was a nail-biter. We were ecstatic when the other team missed a serve and the Spikers won it! Marissa says we must have been a lucky charm because it was their first win. 

We brought our big camera along and got some action shots. Sports photography really isn't my thing so don't judge! I don't have Kimber's skills in that aspect.

 Jana giving the pre-game pep talk

Happy Spikers celebrating their first win!

The Spikers with their fearless leader, Jana

And of course, we had to get a pic with the vball star herself

We were so proud of both Jana and Marissa! Hopefully we can make it to another game and be their lucky charm again :)

In other related news, Justin and I are heading up a coed volleyball intramural team this fall! I'm having flashbacks to the time I hit the ball into the net and lost the entire church volleyball championship for my team... 

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